Pidgin2Adium and the next step

by gabebw

Pidgin2Adium is getting old. It’s certainly useful, and it’s by far the most-used piece of software I’ve created (and the only one people have emailed me about). But it has a couple of problems:

  • It’s based on a PHP script, and it shows. I’ve managed to move it to a more Rubyish, object-oriented program, but parts of the original PHP are still there, particularly the LogFile class.
  • Needs more tests. While it does have tests, they’re not as comprehensive as they could be, and when testing, the C extension needs to be recompiled for each Ruby version I test against (1.8.7, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, etc.), which is annoying. The next version should be written using TDD.
  • Two ways to use it. It’s (1) a library that parses Pidgin log files, and (2) a script that uses that parser to parse files, then writes them out in Adium format. This double functionality means that Pidgin2Adium should be split into 2 projects.

Therefore, I am happy to announce that I am working on a new project: a parser for chat log files (Pidgin, Adium, etc), called Chat Stew. Instead of just parsing Pidgin files, it will parse many programs’ log files, and will have a robust plugin system for 3rd party parsers, which will allow anyone to contribute a parser. This means that Pidgin2Adium 4.0.0 will no longer include a parser; instead, by using Chat Stew, it will become a much simpler, cleaner script with a smaller focus.

Sounds awesome! When will it be ready?

Chat Stew is currently under development, and probably won’t be released until January 2011 (alas, school…). In the meantime, I will continue to improve Pidgin2Adium.