Rails 3, Heroku, and Hassle

by gabebw

When I moved my Rails app to Rails 3 on Heroku, Sass broke. Or rather, Hassle, the plugin I was using to allow me to use Sass on Heroku’s system, stopped working, because it’s Rails 2 compatible, not Rails 3.

Thanks to this blog post, I found out how to fix it, and it’s quite easy. Assuming that you have the hassle plugin in #{Rails.root}/vendor/plugins/hassle, do this:

  1. Delete the hassle directory: #{Rails.root}/vendor/plugins/hassle
  2. In your Gemfile, add this line:
    gem 'hassle', :git => 'git://github.com/koppen/hassle.git'
    This is a Rails 3 compatible fork of the original Hassle plugin.
  3. Run bundle install.

And you’re done. Hopefully, this will save someone else some hassle (sorry).